On the day…

Tilting Tiara

Today I came home from being out with my younger daughter and my older daughter handed me something she had printed out. When I asked her where she had gotten it, she told me she wrote it. I think it’s pretty good especially considering she won’t be 12 until next month. She was inspired by something I shared with her from Twitter, but these are her words. I’m pretty impressed and thought I’d step back and give her a little space here. Enjoy.

Dear God,

On the day where I feel as if things just got too crazy to handle, please remind me that it’s all in Your hands. On the day where I feel as if I can’t get back up, please remind me that You are stronger. On the day where I feel as if it’s not possible, please remind me that I can do all things through You who…

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A Fate I Thought I Deserved


I saw her face posted on the news.

So many people said, “thought it was you”.

I looked in those eyes and saw her fate.

It was me — Same height, same weight.

Her presence weaves in and out memories

Across the hall, her curls bounce as she turns away from me.

She passes by to celebrate another year of my life,

A glimpse of a forever-youthful smile.

Same age, same classes, same fatal attractions.

Parallel paths with slight over lapses.

I could not sleep — why her and not me

What was the difference between her fate and my destiny?

I had life — so selfishly.

All the times I sought death.

Thinking my like was worthless

brought carelessness.

Dangling myself like bait because of other men’s problems, violence, and rape.

Because I felt damaged — waiting for a chance to escape.

Victimized but left alive . Why?

That summer seemed…

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Rest In The Most Fabulous Peace, Nana

So sorry to hear of the loss of your beautiful mother. May God bless you and your family with comfort and peace.
– Lindsey

Raising My Rainbow

High School GradTwo weeks and one day ago, I talked to my mom (C.J.’s Nana Grab Bags) on the phone a little before dinnertime. I called her to announce that C.J. had finally lost the first of his top two front teeth. That tooth had hung on for way too long and she cheered when she heard the news. Little life victories are meant to be celebrated with Nanas.

A few hours later, Nana passed away and I spent Memorial Day painfully and tearfully recalling every memory of my mother that I could conjure up, afraid that they would perish with her.

I would never wish a long painful death on anyone, but the shock of a sudden and unexpected death seems unfair too. I guess there’s no perfect way to die.

As my brother Michael and I left our mom for the last time, I leaned over her, kissed her forehead and…

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