Today is the love of my life, my husband Chuck’s birthday. I am grateful that God blessed me with the best husband in the world, that is also the best Dad and Paw Paw to our children and grandchildren. I’m happy to be on this beautiful journey called life with such a caring, sweet Christian husband that loves the Lord.

There are many things I love about my husband, too many to name. I value spending time with him and having him by my side. We are very different, still having the same values balances out a beautiful relationship.

Standing beside him in church on Mother’s Day, I felt my eyes fill with tears thinking how God had blessed me with this great man, children and grandchildren. When I lost my dear sister in March, it was comforting to feel my husband’s gentle hand on my back. Chuck is my round the clock prayer warrior that prays with all of his heart.

I hope he knows how grateful and appreciative I am for all that he does. I love our talks at night and the patience that he has with me that no other man could endure. I’m always looking forward to spending time with my sweetie and grateful and blessed that he is mine!

Below is one of my favorite photo’s, Chuck with our granddaughter Ava on his knee in January of 2014 at my birthday celebration that our beautiful daughters gave me.

Happy Birthday to the best husband in the world! I love you to the moon and back, beyond forever and ever!

Your loving wife,
Lindsey and the girls, Mya and Bella

Lindsey Curtis's photo.

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