Getting Through the Pain…

Ashley and Cath 2000Mya 1 11Bella on tumblrIt was on March 12, 2014 that we woke up to a nightmare… Our beloved Ashley, our Bichon Frise’ that was almost fourteen and a half years old had passed away. My husband Chuck found her that morning around 4:15 am. She always slept in our bedroom, but that night she had left our room to go out to one of her other beds in the utility room. We were up early that morning because we were supposed to keep our granddaughter Ava that day. We were totally overwhelmed to find our sweet baby dead. We cried our eyes out because Ashley was such a joy and we had gotten her as a puppy in December 1999.

We still had to get ready to go to our daughter Catherine’s house to keep baby Ava. It was probably better we had to push on, Ava was a sweet distraction to our pain.

After we were done babysitting our granddaughter, we had the dreaded trip to Walmart to find something to bury our precious Ashley in. We felt in a stupor of disbelief that our fur baby had passed away. We found a container with latches that seemed secure. Now, we faced the trip home to dig and bury Ashley. Grief had overtaken us, we were exhausted mentally and physically and had no idea where we would get the energy to dig the hardened earth for her grave.

Thank God, our daughter Wendy called because she was worried about us and upset over hearing the news Ashley had passed. Wendy was her caretaker when we were out of town and loved her, too. Wendy said our grandson Michael was on his way to our house to dig Ashley’s grave. I don’t know what we would have done that day if Michael hadn’t came to our rescue. Our daughter Catherine had dogs that had passed away buried there.

Chuck and I had already picked out the place for her burial. We chose the spot in our woods by the creek, under a big oak tree. Ashley would be buried in the same spot that Catherine’s dogs Nikolas, Jasmine, Austin and Hunter  had been buried in. We placed her lying in her bed in to the box, along with her pink blanket and her favorite chicken treats. I know it sounds silly, but we wanted her to have some of her favorite things with her. After Ashley was buried, we stood sobbing, saying our good byes and said a prayer and told her how much we loved her…

Our house was very quiet without the presence of our sweet Ashley. The void and grief was immense.

We found an ad that advertised Maltese puppies for sale in Charlotte. We went to see the puppies, looking for a female. Right away, one of the little females came up to our feet whining for us to pick her up. She was the smaller of the two females and seemed very affectionate. Chuck and I thought she was adorable! We gave the owner a deposit and had to wait until she was a weaned from her mother. Now we had to pick her out a name and on the way home going through names for our new pup, it was decided she would be called Mya.  A week later, she came home with us to be spoiled and pampered.

We knew no puppy could replace Ashley, but we looked forward to hearing little puppy feet running around the house again.

We thought our family was complete, then my best friend Debra’s Yorkie Ally had puppies. We felt bad leaving Mya alone for hours at a time. We met two of the females and fell in love with the aggressive instigator with the dainty face. She was so tiny, beautiful and soft, we agreed on the name Bella, Italian for beautiful.

We still love our sweet Ashley and always will. She was a blessing and gave us so much love. We will carry her in our hearts forever…

Above is our daughter Catherine with Ashley, next is Mya and Bella.


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