In the South…

southern charm and accentsIn the south, we love to gather on the front porches in warm weather. A neighbor walks by we can get carried away catching up on the latest news. Be prepared, have some rockers on the porch, some sweet tea, lemon ade, Coca~Cola, some fresh pound cake, pie or cookies to serve your guests. While the adults talk, the kids are busy catching lightening bugs, playing tag or hide and seek. Charity starts with family, neighbors and the elderly when we share our produce from our gardens.

It is not uncommon to send a home cooked meal to a neighbor that is sick or a family that has lost a loved one. Neighbors become family and keep an extra house key in case we can’t find our own, or one of the kid’s loses theirs. My paternal grandma was always losing hers, bless her heart. Sometimes when she thought she had lost her key, there it would be, safety pinned to her dress. I feel for her now because I lose everything. I will be looking for my hand mirror while it’s in my hand. It ain’t Alzheimer’s, it’s sometimer’s.

Belk’s and Dillard’s are a staple in the south and now we have Sephora to accommodate our cosmetic needs. Of course, I have heard some southern accents that called it Safari. Pearls aren’t just for dress up down south, pearls go with everything. If you got a family member that is good at monogramming you will save yourself a lot of money! Another plus is having a good hairdresser in the family, ’cause law knows, we need big pretty hair!

In defending all southerner’s I have got to tell y’all one thing. None of us talk or act like Gomer Pyle, Barney Fife or Goober on The Andy Griffith Show. But to be honest, I’ve seen some Otis’s, Aunt Bee’s and Thelma Lou’s…


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